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    Rose, Thorns and Love

    There was a tingle of sadness in her voice
    when petals are admired
    and thorns( we) are abandoned

    You and I are the soft thorns of roses
    we are shadowed by colours and hues
    In the sweet garden of longing desire
    trying not to be shunned and despised

    When pale petals fall to the lush ground
    dry abandoned leaves are left behind
    naked thorns are now plainly visible
    in the painful glen of ocean and tears

    We are exposed in the dusky twilight
    scared even to glimpse or feel the light
    like a moon in the time of the eclipse
    let's sacrifice all the gleams and glint

    What hurts more is the rose or thorns?
    When they caress isn't it a finger that bleeds?
    Then why blame is always on seeds?
    After a fall we are now freed
    Are we a soft thorn or petals or leaves?

    // A love bitter than the piercing thorn
    A love deeper than the midst ocean
    A love brighter than the brightest sun
    A love beyond the philosophical thoughts//

    Love is not just feelings or emotion,
    It's a prayer you chant
    Religion you follow
    God you worship

    Love is water
    if you are thirsty
    Love is food
    if you are hungry
    Love is air
    so just breathe

    Love demands metamorphosis

    Where a stubborn sage loses his senses
    Where a stone-hearted stan melts
    Where an atheist visit the temple of devotion
    Where theist bypass the belief

    // In the world where you can consider anything God, I will consider it love //

    // If love is greater than greatest epic consider me as a free verse which completes them //

    @btslove I'm sorry for writing late, I was thinking about you the whole time
    Inspired by @ak_anjali_daydreamzz

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    In the world where you
    can consider anything God,
    I will consider it love //