• kimani_og 6w

    I hate you

    I hate you
    Cause you love me like i'm not broken,
    Cause you throw your voice into the stars
    And the echo of voice crashes into my heart
    Cause you love me through darkness,
    Cause you are made up of depths
    Depths that oceans can't fathom,
    Cause you love me differently,
    Cause you make words build up a fire in my throat
    A fire that only you can put off,
    Cause you make me feel important,
    Cause you are strange magic,
    A magic more strange than the harmony of rain drops,
    Cause you make me feel like summer nights,
    Cause you make me feel like i can do anything.
    I hate you for making me love you,
    I hate you
    Cause i don't understand what i did to deserve your love,
    Cause there is nothing i wouldn't do to see you smile.
    I hate you.