• leonhope 30w

    Star Child

    He had loved a star,
    That shined beautiful and bright,
    In the darkest night,
    The star however,
    Could not see her light,
    Could not see the hope,
    Hope she had brought,
    Could not see how,
    She had broken through his midnight,
    And brought him to dawn,
    She was the Venus in his night,
    A never ending beauty that shined bright,
    Her insecurities dimmed her smile,
    Her eyes that once gleamed with hope,
    Now tearful,
    Her flowing, shimmering wings,
    She began her dissent,
    Eternally waging war now lost,
    Despair fueled desperate action,
    He jumped,
    And caught her in his embrace,
    Her flames scorched his skin,
    And yet he still smiled,
    He stared into her eyes,
    They crashed,
    They broke,
    All that was left,
    Was a beating heart,
    A Cheshire smile,
    Ash, Dust, bone,
    And an Ember child