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    Redeemed inheritance

    Redeemed inheritance:
    I recited words for a cause
    It was for my opressors to take a pause
    I proclaimed the world to be mine
    Mortal prophecies do decline

    Hear O chief this command is for you
    Integrally I walk and act like a fool
    Knowing this ordeal is tough to do
    In this great abyss there is no escape that’s true

    Sovereign you sit in the chambers in hue
    Victory that came to me without a clue
    21 I was when I came to reign
    At 22 there was nothing to gain

    Even in light I walked in darkness
    Chasing the wind I needed freshness
    Vigor I lost in my own hands
    Senseless I was whipped out of my own land

    Friends came in with the name of a friend
    Sorrow it was for them to pretend
    Inclined to evil we are all formed
    Days go by without a storm
    Who understands the way to it
    All they ask is to bring it!
    I will now declare the whole truth to you
    I will conceal nothing from you

    I grinded my teeth on gravel
    My soul wandered and travelled
    Demons came in and crafted a spell
    Miserable it was I saw hell

    It is good to keep silence
    Even my enemies had a license
    Malice and evil went through my mind
    Peace out bitch! I am Divine

    As a boy I went before
    Open to hormones my blood spoke
    On the new moon I found a fortune
    Residing in me was a typhoon

    Mischief and deceit confounded me
    Victory was again hard to see
    Training my hands for war
    I fell for my own insulted sword

    Setting an ambush on my own life
    Déjà vu it was repeated on time
    I consulted men from this Earth
    Witchcraft and sorcery I was condemned to burn

    Shrewdness and Justice they amended
    I sang songs like a harlot
    Wicked and blasphemous I was taught to be
    I became Nero’s own personality

    I opened my mouth and wanted money
    In came drops of honey
    Like turtledoves in a foreign land
    I was barged again with my own hand

    I tell you friends I killed my own body
    Locked in a ceiling in jeopardy
    What you see is something new
    Sprinkling water in renaissance tribute

    A great fire was kindled
    Burnt in me were legends
    Kings of ancient I have seen
    There was none like I am now ready to see