• a_wildflower 9w


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    We constantly need someone by our side and we are choosy we need a certain someone not just anyone. We have a whole list of things we want in one person and when it's our turn how easily we evade by simply barking "nobody is perfect" we are such hypocrites.

    Movies have led to the ultimate degradation of our brains, but when the music fades and the dialogues turn bland we realise that life is indeed not a fairytale. Then why we strive for a better tomorrow all I know is that giving up is the easiest thing still we don't want to give up in most of the cases or sometimes something keeps us from falling apart be it a purpose, family, friends or the stern belief in the almighty what about those weaklings who have got nothing? the act of giving up takes you to another world which is peaceful but so full of self loathe, so suffocating a mild poison killing you slowly.

    Sometimes we know what we are up against, we know all the reasons, we know the consequences yet we continue, blind optimism is a trap but somehow it keeps us going and life is all about existing maybe, dodging sticks and stones but sometimes words can break your bones and only words can fix you.