• _naruto_kun_ 21w


    hi im pansexual and gender fluid
    i don't think there is anything wrong with that
    so what if im different
    i like whom i am and that's that
    hi im depressed and i have anxiety
    i cut on my wrists
    so what
    hi im a teen dealing with abuse
    im covered in bruises
    hi im a teen just like you
    but im struggling with suicidal thoughts
    im bullied at school
    so what...
    im an emotionless girl struggling to keep going with my life.
    i don't think anyone wants me.
    no im sure no one wants me.
    so TF what...

    you're never alone.
    even in when your sure of it
    you're never REALLY alone.
    there is always someone thinking of you even if you don't know it.
    if someones quiet just remember
    silence holds so much hurt
    so if you see someone down
    don't just stand their
    go talk to them