• luna_hycinth 6w

    Let's drink like there's no tomorrow.
    Louring in liquors until we forget this world.
    Until we can't feel the pain anymore.
    Smoke and let our lungs can't breathe
    Suffocated with chemicals of life's despair.
    Drinking every drop of bloody tequila,
    Squeeze with lemon of dismay.
    Maybe, our body is slowly dying—
    but our soul starts to bloom and it began to explore the world.
    Drink and smoke like an addict; let your pain mourn.
    Let your soul escape and discover the other realm of the universe.
    Let it fly, let explore, set it free.
    Be a mistake in this world full of perfectionist.
    Come with me and be a sinner.

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    Come with me and be a sinner