• mr_74_ 23w

    Misery awaits , when poverty cries .

    Families separate , so many goodbyes .

    Mystery lingers behind the most distorted eyes .

    Lives of corruption seems no surprise .

    Sunsets burn across the skys...

    Contradiction and denial ,
    Tremendously on the rise .

    People claim religion yet they still act despised .

    Everybody knows it all ,
    They think they so wise .

    But it's really all talk ,
    Because nobody tries .

    They say it's so easy ,
    But have nothing to advise .

    I guess that's what they mean,
    When you believe your own lies .

    I see you get mad ,
    When the real truth applies.

    Keep your judgement to yourself , if you can't recognize.

    Ignorance is so disgraceful,
    Yet I still sympathize.