• vschauhan 9w

    Here , above the eastern sea ,
    Where the sun glows bright ,
    Glorious and enchanting the sea of light
    of hope and kind , a land of the people's unite
    From the cast and creed , above all are free ,
    Where the heaven dwells in the Himalayan hills .
    The sweet morn songs brought down by light ,
    Passed on to each , the water and breeze ,
    The message it carries of the sweet morning ,
    " we won the war , the empire so sweet " .
    Hail , Hail , To the empire becon May live so long till the light thrive on ....
    The marching band , the nature's call ,
    On here we live and is all our love ,
    The waves of the ocean of the mother water ,
    Washed by the blood of our great martyrs .
    The yellow heads swing by the air ,
    To its stretch , is the nature's fare ,
    Spotted castles of the rich and poor ,
    To her extent , the starry sky is a mere .
    Our mother we'll decorate , to the florid untouched , Liberty equality and for all is ace ,
    Our mother immortal !!!