• khadijachughtai 9w

    they often tell me
    I am not living it right
    unaware that i am trying
    my best to survive

    it's taken away
    whatever I like
    I am thrusted in dark
    deprived of light

    I say something
    and I am not even heard
    what matters the most
    are their worthy words

    sometimes I get tired
    of playing just nice
    of opting silence
    of surrendering to their choice

    emotions I feel
    are not to reveal
    pushed aside and ignored
    when I make an appeal

    they throw a stone
    and I pretend it's a rose
    so I wait for my end
    glad it's coming close

    I can't undo
    or unwind the time
    but if given a chance
    I won't live it twice

    I contemplate on it
    and I realize
    It's not even mine
    It's a borrowed life

    ©Khadija Chughtai