• sadhaa 10w

    Past Tat Runs Our Present

    It all started with
    "hey can I get ur num !
    I thought u already hav it..."
    10 yrs of stalking
    7 yrs of talking
    and we cud not get enough of each other.
    We spoke abt stars, galaxy, meteors & astroids.
    We hav, had wishes, dreams, sitcoms & evn empty biriyani convs.
    We shared memes, secrets, thoughts, frndship & love.
    Best & worst pics wer being shared & stolen.
    We sumtyms spoke in silence.
    We sumtyms spoke with luks & touches.
    We rarely let angers hav their language too.
    But eventually we spoke again each day.
    Telling stories of past with & without each other.
    And how today seems complete.
    Remembering your hands tat fit perfectly into mine,
    with so much of silence only for us around in a cinema hall,
    with dolby atoms helping the heartbeats sound alone.
    That silence of a busy screen felt awww.
    Intimacy started there & even that learnt to handle its LDR, still not us.
    Breakup held witout confession
    Then after years of silence
    There held a confession,
    Then came back the Intimacy which was tryin to start years before.
    The silence of the spot was haulting our heartbeats.
    We kissed lyk a magnet.
    Lips 1st, tongues later & then the entire universe of the soul.
    Knowing well enough deep down,
    if thngs don't work out there wasn't even alcohol to blame.
    Because nothing was perfect the situation we were in, the time we had,
    Not evn our 1st kisses were.
    But somehow we haven't had anythg tat delicious yet & no memory has replacement for that.
    This is how we with nights hold onto memories.
    And slept wit I love you's exchanged by heart.