• vilicious 5w

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    I am the bad guy... ��

    You pointed
    I should improve my standards
    It means I have to begin with you...
    All the dirt you served
    I won't carry it for you
    Clean your mess... Earn respect
    If I am the bad guy here
    Does it make you insane....???
    Or u r just being lame..
    When I write about you
    it turns you on
    You go crazy with overflow of emotions
    War of hormones
    It can make you come
    You know it..
    That's why
    you choose to stay mum...
    I am the bad guy
    I will consume u
    Despite of being around
    holding hands of the one u love
    In the back of your head
    Your mind will be churning
    with the thought of being with me
    in bed....!!!

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