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    In between many people too , I feel lonely.
    I've no-one . Just no-one besides me.
    I'm so alone ! Yes I'm alone.
    I couldn't accept the fact that I'm just like
    an unwanted burden like some mere things
    and I'm being tolerated everywhere .
    Why is it so ?
    Am I just lost or invisible ?

    Even if I cry out loud , nobody hears me .
    When it scream in agony , I'm being ignored.
    Even while talking to me , I'm not entertained
    and it does makes me feel that just for formality
    I'm a part of that crowd .
    Why is it so ?
    Am I just lost or invisible ?

    When I'm happy , everyone asks the reason.
    But when I'm sad , instantly either I disappear
    or the people around me !
    I cry . I scream. Now , my heart aches .
    But no-one to share the pain with !
    Am I so bad ?
    Why does everyone makes me feel so ?
    Am I just lost or invisible ?


    Sometimes leaving the place , where you feel burdened is better than to adjust yourself and suffer !!


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    I'm lost.

    I'm a burden and feel always left out in the crowd.
    Am I just lost or invisible ?