• fredthemeek 10w

    Before and After

    "Before and after" he said
    Our love could be the lighthouse for tomorrow lovers
    "Everlasting" he always said
    Wish he remembered all this before he decided to end our "before death vow"
    Today I face my phone waiting for us to share the "after death vow"
    That's all I could hope for
    But the clocks is at it's slowest moment
    Time steps an inch when you plan your next step
    Now I can't have our "before death vow" and I can't wait for the "after death vow"
    I have to free him from the chains of this world
    The most painless way I can
    Neither with a knife or gun
    But a painless poison of course
    His breakup speech piece through my soul
    And killed the me in me
    But this time I pay back
    For our own good
    This night we will taste
    "The After death love"