• _surbhi_ 6w

    No...People don't kill Innocence
    Emotions do !!!!!

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    Emotional fool

    And then there was a day,
    When she would have ended...
    That day she did lied to many,
    Just to end up everything nasty...
    She was fool at that time,
    fool enough to trust those tears...
    She was a pure heart with only emotions,
    Dumb Emotional fool she was....
    There she could have ended her self,
    Her inner self in protecting her outer edge...
    She managed to protect herself that day,
    Or was just able to protect her Body!
    But something died....to never return back...
    Emotions died That day...
    She hated Every single minute of that day,
    She's wasn't able to wash of those memories...
    Memories of guilt,
    Memories of deceive,
    Memories of Lust over Love
    Touch...That which killed her inner child,
    She's dead...she's no more That Innocence !