• jaypax_26 23w

    Changes Through the Night

    Open doors that night,
    I saw a million fireflies,
    In a white and hasty car
    with the stars shining bright

    You were beside me leaning,
    weakest and cutest your yawning,
    My heart made a tremble
    My clumsy little princess,
    I beg of you to keep awake,
    worry not we're fast astray

    Your hands fit in mine like they're made just for me,
    A borrowed lyric, I apologize,
    I'm singing softly,
    she leans on me comfortably

    Even for a short while I saw the future,
    dearest beautiful creature
    I shall await you walk that aisle,
    with teary eyes I'll smile,
    The lifetime admirer turns out to be her lifetime partner.