• pranov_raktim 5w

    I don't know it's The right Palce or Time
    And it's not a Poem though it Rhymes

    ----In a well lot depper
    Where those sunkisses ever Reached
    Yeah I am in an Internment
    Which I never Speak
    ----You were too never at a brighter side
    And I Pray those Sunrays
    Find a way to Your Heart

    The Journey we Had
    Was Quite a Formidable one
    Yup, Our Roads are not same Now
    But still we got Miles to Stroll
    I may Look back Sometimes and Smile
    You Know I am a Stubborn Soul

    There's nothing Meaningless,
    This all makes sense
    May be Not Today But for sure Someday.

    I wanna see You Somewhere
    Wherever our Eyes Met
    I wish I may not see any grudge
    Just a well known Happier being full of zeal.

    In a Winter Breeze
    Say a Loomy night
    Heard Your voice
    Made me Freeze
    Call You A Nightangel
    Under a Tree
    Just Fly High Blushing and Free

    Turbid Soaring in It's Peace !