• iariyan 10w

    The last letter

    I was shy, though looking in between the white clouds where your face appeared & gave me a random happiness. It's autumn & somehow evening comes up quickly. Flowing in the depth of my thoughtness, the lovely sunset soon replace by twilight. The light outside seems gray. After all I'm the last person in the world to admit that I need help. The vastness of grassland seems to to be faded as like my soul is slowly leaving my body & heading off to an unknown place. I always said, I need you. I don't know the state I'm in. After waiting a years for you, I feel I'm the someone beg forgiveness for harboring an impossible love.
    When it seems my patience went behind the horizon of composure, I am starting to write you a letter, the last letter & my last hope to reform everything;

    My destination led to present situation of mine. If you ask in what state I'm in, I would say I'm about deadly like a ball and chain around my feet, only you can put my soul to rhythmic circulation & a peace of my mind.
    To express my feelings is always hard for me. I don't know how it started, but I always have a secret crush in core of my heart & my attraction headed towards you. I don't want to blame you but you caused my heart to dip in the profundity of unbearable sorrow. The world says "to get something, you have to lose something". But I lose everything without getting nothing except your apologize.

    Now I began to afraid to get stumble in every moment. I would put everything, absolutely everything, to have you always by my side.
    Someone told one day " If you want to get something, the whole universe is by your side & help you. But I need you, only you. I believe in nature. So if you say " I hate you " . I wouldn't argue because hate is came somehow also naturally as love. Everyone is free to love, free to hate but I get imprisoned behind your bars & only you can set me to be free.

    Love isn't a book which you can enchulcate into you in one day but it's a continuous learning process.
    I will be waiting for your reply. Without which, some day I also be away from you, from the earth set down like a sunset...