• mwiccesiame 9w


    They will tell you your nappy hair isn't beautiful to your face, like you're not a product of the finest race
    Keep your kinky hair straight and brush it with long strokes for hours before it's too late
    Your rich chocolate coated skin isn’t fair and doesn't look right, bleach it till you almost turn white
    Leaving you looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost, but trust me nothing friendly about how you'll look
    Make you feel ashamed of your heritage, convince you to forget about your lineage
    Deceive you into thinking you've no purpose and you'll never be as ravishing as a rose
    Whilst trying to steal your elegant culture from under your nose
    Please don't listen!
    Cause you are enough, far worth more than a thousand diamonds in the rough
    Beautiful as you are, which is why they tan their skins to look like you!
    You're alluring beauty is probably why God had to rest on the seventh day and catch his breath
    Cause you, you are breathtaking leaving everyone that walks your path gasping for air
    So please listen and don't lose your way