• bbb_complication 11w

    Contradiction Contradiction

    To be or not to be
    A kingly begger
    A homless dowager
    The answers are loud the questions are whispered

    A man who is confident
    A women who is humble
    Contradiction contradiction
    Listen to what lies inbetween

    I'm ahead and left behind
    So am i not in the middle?
    Don't think to hard or to little
    You might just solve this riddle

    Your beauty makes you ugly
    You are ugly without your beauty
    Like haughty possessions
    Its all an illusion

    What we see is real
    But the dead see nothing
    The living see life
    We grasp what is intangible when our valuables become empty space

    Contradiction contradiction
    The truth hurts however the truth heals
    You must hurt before you heal
    Contradiction contradiction