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    Heya everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and keeping up with their studies and health . I thought over posting it and I always thought that I shouldn't because this is utterly absurd thing to even write about .But again I thought of giving this little piece a chance ... ; )


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    She was with me when I stepped into adolescence ;
    With a heavy heart I accepted the one who had a capacious core .
    I still remember the grade I was in and the commencement wasn't an allure ;
    Was too young to comprehend the altruistic sense of an inanimate being , I was so unsure.

    She was maybe the lady luck in my life, at that passing moment ;
    I was too late to realise this and I loathed her for a long time which now has no possibility of amendment.
    She cheered me up when I failed in things I had great connoisseur in ;
    Besides the moon in solitude she kept count of all my tears that abandoned me when vulnerable I have been.

    Days mingled with Years and Years dwindled into forgotten moments ,
    I cognized too late that she'd accompany me only for four years ;
    Yet she stood by my side at times when I betrayed myself ;
    To my pale and lifeless life she adhered her pulchritudinous self.

    While departing from her today she looked me in my melanoid eyes and I beheld things to us that belong ;
    Her tranquil gaze played me memories of times she celebrated me and also of times she had made me stand strong .
    Many of those atrocious times as of when my someone dearest forever journeyed to heaven , she unleashed from her authentic form and I felt like to me she was hugging ,
    This was a little tale of a novice writer who wrote about the medley of emotions she shared for the most inconceivable friendship of Herself and Her Ring.


    10th Dec'20

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