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    an insight of a poet

    Here is just what happens to me
    When I touch a pen to write a poem
    The soul of a lost poet rushes to me
    All the gates of the dam are opened
    A flood of thoughts rush like wild horses
    It cannot be stopped, they run everywhere
    Through the empty meadows of love
    To the boulevard of surreal dreams
    Crossing the harsh rivers of creativity
    Through the valleys of pointless needs
    To reach the shores of an endless pain
    There are glimpses of everything and nothing
    The primal screams echo on the horizons
    I fly to the sky where clouds are sleeping
    I reach the farside of the galaxies without time
    I swim to the deepest trenches of an oceans
    I see the coldest glaciers of a frozen planet
    I see the burned sands of the hottest deserts
    I predict the end of time and its beginning
    I feel the nothingness of this lost universe
    I understand the death of an undying star
    I see that the words are an end to themselves
    Every word becomes an emotion in letters
    A static collection of arranged variable words
    Have the potential to move immovable hearts
    I feel all super powerful , just like Superman
    An idol of omnipotence among the ordinary
    But somewhere a kryptonite is hidden in the soul
    which renders me futile even with all this strength
    Making me just a regular citizen, Clark Kent.

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