• rishithakkar 10w


    i still remember the time and place,
    when i last saw your face.

    it's been a year since we last met,
    a lot has changed after that.

    everything's different, nothing's same,
    other than my reaction, when i hear your name.

    you looked ao pretty just then,
    i wanna see your face again.

    what will we talk about?
    how'd you look now?
    haven't seen you for a year,
    but I'm already lovin' it somehow.

    my cheeks are red,
    will you blush too?
    you ask me who's it,
    i can't say it's you.

    you are my day,
    you are my night,
    you're the poem,
    i always wanted to write.

    to make you happy, to see that smile,
    I'll pay any damn price,
    and please don't deny, let me go first,
    or I'll die twice.

    many sunsets melted without you in my arm,
    i craved every single one of them to kiss your palm.

    people have flaws,
    god sure did them wrong,
    'cause making you,
    is what would've taken a lifelong.

    we're so apart,
    it's killing me inside,
    it's time you meet me again,
    provide me a lifeline.

    -Rishi Thakkar