• ecloud 10w

    Resource reclaimed

    There it is
    The corpse minding his own business
    With no care in the world and no sign of a witness
    It has since been released from all obligation
    no longer controlled by human inclination

    Leaking life as the waves move it side to side
    As the fish feast on what's left behind

    To the crowd, it's a tragedy
    To the family, a travesty

    But to nature, it's fair game
    Of resources to reclaim
    From a life spent
    wasting time, with no shame
    Getting high, playing games.
    Robbing people to sustain
    A liquid habit through his veins
    Loving life while in chains

    Long story short he was shot by a friend
    lacking reverence of life, he, as well met his end 
    After binging for so long on pills and crystal meth
    He succumbed to contempt till his very last breath