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    Secretly In Love

    It's a Story Of Harsh And Kirti :-

    They were celebrating their 7th Friendversary,
    They were the perfect Example of being a True Friends,
    They were sharing their Life's joys and life's pains,
    Their friendship is one of the endless devotion,
    Their friendship is one of the purest form of any relationship can be,
    Their friendship is something which everyone dream's off.

    As their friendships takes some other form and they itself don't know,
    Many things can make them happy
    Many things can make them smile
    Many things can make their life wonderful
    But nothing can make them more happier then each other
    How special they are together, much more than they could know.

    When finally Harsh realised, he was in love with her,

    He always knew that love can come and find him,
    But never did he know that it would be she who was headed his way,
    He loves all the imperfections she had,
    From, when she laughs to when she was upset,
    He loves all the little things she do,
    Especially hearing her laugh and seeing her nose wrinkles the same way he does.
    For now he'll be waiting patiently for that day when they'll be together.
    That precious moment in time when he'll say,

    Many a times Harsh tries to Confess his feelings for her,
    All they're be is friends, this truth harsh still trying to accept,
    He thought, "it shouldn't be this way, You should be mine and only mine, I've wanted to tell you, but I can't".
    He was too scared that if he confessed his feelings maybe he lost their friendships too.
    After Making so much efforts, he failed.

    It's their Perfect Moment

    Raining heavily On that day, when they were on a road to get to the nearest metro station,
    They have to covered but by the time they did, they are totally drenched, then it took a minutes when they settled under a small shed,
    While harsh was busy in thinking how to get to the nearest metro station, as he turned towards her to share his idea,
    He noticed - she was looking into the rain and smiling, he asked him "Kya hua"
    Without looking towards harsh still looking the rain, she replied- Mai hamesha se chati thi ek Baar tere sath barish mein bheegna,
    Harsh couldn't believe what he was just heard,
    He took that moment as a perfect opportunity to confess his feelings to her,
    So with all of his courage and energy, he said- I want to say something, before he could finish she held his hand, still looking into the rain she replied- kabhi kabhi kuch baatein bolni nahi padti khud hi samjh aa jaati hai,
    And now she finally looked at harsh and smiled and harsh just replied- YES and held her hand tightly.