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    Watching the mesmerising view from my hotel room at 2 a.m. away from all my work and tired life which needed a break. The mountains being so pleasant,the breeze being cold but soothing and the moon being the same,most beautiful object of the universe. I didn't feel sleepy. Looking these extraordinary features of the place my eyes made me control my sleep. It was the best feeling of the world.
    But then I saw a girl sitting on the top of the hill. I couldn't make myself resist from investigating who she was. I rushed to the top with my full running capacity. However, I reached there with a lot of thoughts fighting with each other in my mind about the girl. With fog coming out of my mouth I saw her. She was shining within that dull white light of moon. She wasn't that fair but she looked amazingly sweet. She was staring at the moon. She looked like a beautiful soul. Though she was lonely,sitting alone on that Hill yet I found her smiling. I put on my specs to adore her beauty a little more but then I found some drops of water on her chubby cheeks. I looked above,towards the black sky covered with a little bunch of clouds. But then I noticed it wasn't the clouds dropping their tears,it was the rain of her eyes which came down her cheeks. But she was smiling.
    I was so confused within myself about her entire appearance.
    Oh!! She looked at me,smiled twice wider and offered me to sit with her in that Silence.
    I was afraid but then my heart wasn't in my hand,it made me go sit with her. I sat beside her. She didn't mentioned her name,there was nothing that she said to me. As soon as I sat down, she started speaking something,something about her life may be,about her past may be. She just looked above n spoke the whole time. After 2 hours I guess, I realised she was speaking to the moon(a non-living object). The whole night passed unknowingly,I was still staring at her. She stood up,wiped out her face! I realised she was leaving. My heart pushed me to say something to her. A person who speaks her story to a non-Living object, a person who spoke whole night about her life which was tough but she made it so positive,a person who travelled from hell but is still considering life as heaven. I said " excuse me"
    But the answer i got made me quite about her forever.
    She said " hey! I know you wanna talk to me. I talked to moon a non-Living object who won't reply me ever. But now look at the sky. It has turned black to blue. The pleasant light of moon has transformed into warm rays of sun. So now it's time to be fake. Fake to the world , to the humans and to everyone and wait for the night until my moon appears again to listen to my shits! 'Cause you know,the rays will disperse the appearance and nature what I will choose to and I choosed to be fake.
    Just to prevent myself from being judged by the world!
    Just so that they won't judge me !
    Have a good life. Good bye "
    She spoke and walked away . I just stared at her until she was gone out of my sight!
    Sometimes moments are just to be felt and analyse something out about this fake world who forced several real souls to change themselves into a fake one!

    - Ms. Insane��

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    An abnormal night


    Sometimes moments are just to be felt and analyse something out!
    That night was the same!
    Read the caption to know! ♥