• wordlings 5w

    love triangle.

    Death always survived
    Devouring upon lives
    Could it be grateful yet ?
    Although, I hate the people who lie about love
    Could death ever fall in love ?
    Burying the hatred in my corset
    I'd dance Cause its my fav song
    Swaying along ,stroking my cheek
    The glorious language of love
    Would have me chained to the rhythm
    Of the deathly poison of death
    As life carved itself in the moment
    I stood, left with a hobsons choice
    overcome by the war of hearts
    Between life and death
    Crestfallen at the intense creativity
    Of love
    Which Had me hitched from a glimpse
    of a black and white shadow
    Seiving through my emotions
    I wondered
    If there's escape when fire meets fate.


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