• love_you_3000 6w


    A will to learn will help us to learn,
    from everything that's around us.

    A man needs a learning perception to understand that,
    everything around him teaches him to live better i.e
    Better than yesterday &
    Better by tomorrow.

    The trees that grow its fruits back again,
    each and everytime someone plucks them and goes away

    The water that adjusts and adopts itself into any shape,
    that it is poured into

    The sun which keeps burning hot,
    to give us light

    The moon which comes out bright in the darkest of clouds,
    to give us the hope of light

    Even the beggar who begs and sleeps on the roadside tells us that, there's more to life, death isn't the solution!

    Everyone around us is a teacher.
    One just need to be a good student,
    to learn from them!