• dpadilla 6w


    All you've ever done is hurt me
    And the only times you've made me happy
    It's to see the pain on my face when you take it all away
    I hate you
    I am exhausted of you
    I want to separate myself from you permanently
    But you've conveniently built this little box of affection
    That would turn to molten rock
    And melt the flesh off of everyone who loves me,
    While bestowing me with just enough of a conscience
    To begrudgingly choose you over their suffering.
    I hate you for all that you've been
    All that you are
    And all that you will be.
    I hate you from the deepest, blackest corners of my heart.
    You mean absolutely nothing to me
    And I can hardly wait for the day I'm done with you for good.