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    Drum rolls�� and trumpet���� blare...... Papapapam......... ** Huge annoucement (okay it's not huge until you share and make it��. Okay when we think of our school or college we hold special lil things which makes us smile. True that people tend to relate small happy memories to the places where it happened����.
    We love cinematic happenings, pesudo proposals and much more which likely doesn't happen all the time��. Luckily now no one expects them too.
    We want be
    Such a story awaits in my drawing room(wait is there any room as such.. Ok nope) and it is ready to beautify your beautiful minds and hold ✋ on. There is a beautiful saying "Keep your expectations accordingly" (That's hard��) Here are some things what to expect and what not.
    -Don't expect cliche love scenes in this story but you'll love it��.
    -It won't break your heart but it'll make you emotional��.
    -It's doesn't have fancy super hero or a super model heroine but it'll be relatable��.
    -This is a story which we all want to share but when you read you'll tend to share��.

    The whole experience is fresh ���� and you'll feel "hey this happened to me" And the motto, vision, mission is just it should reach as many people as possible so that they could read some "relatable" content.
    I welcome y'all to read this beauty(ok you decide)
    "Average Love Story"
    -The story of you me and everyone.
    Hope you'll love it.. Thanks a million.. Catch you next time.

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