• niveditaaa 10w

    Today I really felt to put this out of my mind.it had been twirling in my mind for many years.there are many people around us who really deserves more but is been constantly ignored.their work is great ....but somehow they do not get the right appreciation from none.and you know what more than money and more than all those gifts etc, don't forget to appreciate people for their efforts.and trust me those words of appreciation is greater than the money in your pocket.it can change the whole mind state of a person and can encourage their talents.there are many many beautiful talented minds around us.and many of them are folding their dreams just because your ignorance .and it hurts for such a person to see others getting appreciated even for the simplest work they do.it is not because they hate that person or he is jealous etc....here we are hating this system not we are disrespectful to others works. So please it will be great of enough to appreciate others even for their small achievements and it only cost some words for you.but those words will be remembered life long by that person who got appreciated and it would be the fuel for his or her future achievements. So lit the minds and hearts around you. Don't ignore.because some people deserves it. And I am one. And there are many. What about you?