• aswin_21 5w

    For You

    The world wakes up to work for you
    The sun rises to give you light
    The universe is meant to function for you
    To make you stand in the Limelight

    People Smile at times to make you happy
    People don't when they want you to go up more
    But people survive and the universe exists to make you happy
    To give you happiness and everything you ask for more and more

    Innovations keep happening to surprise you with new gifts
    People keep running for you to relax and get your work easy
    You just live here to unwrap those gifts
    For you to make the best vision of everything you see

    You live to be happy, to be celebrated
    As your life is a Celebration
    Though you never know why you are being celebrated
    You are meant to be a celebration

    --Aswin Shankharan