• joieyin 6w

    Ellie's Secrets

    She came back from work
    Felt weary of the day
    She took a brief silent walk
    Letting out the stress
    Drift away.

    She opened his room door
    Sneakily took a peek
    He fell asleep on the floor
    With papers he'd worked
    The whole week.

    She gently placed a blanket
    It was up on his shoulders
    She noticed inks still wet
    Of a writing titled
    "Ellie's Secrets".

    "A tired she laughed happily
    Today I almost got fooled again
    Her eyes camouflaged a sad story
    I would give my all if she permits
    To set her free of pain".

    Tears fell as she shivered
    Unable to hid it longer
    He'd awoke slightly startled
    Yet hugged her in silence
    He is her happily ever after.