• wordsnippet_girl 6w

    Because of her absence
    I found someone
    who can give me the time
    she never gave and have
    everything changed
    as I fell for the other
    the truth I must tell her I know
    but I just don't have the courage to
    so I chose to say goodbye
    without a single word
    hoping she would forgive me
    for letting everything go
    I thought he understood the reasons
    why I am not around
    got comfortable and too trusting
    that nothing will ever change
    not knowing he fell
    out of love for me
    how could he lie to me
    when he can be brave
    enough to tell me
    and say goodbye with
    the loudest hurtful truth
    and maybe there will be
    a chance to forgive him
    and try to keep everything
    as it was before