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    Hello mirakeenos hoping everyone had a amazing week. God bless.

    I posted this post early morning by mistake. It was not done yet. I thought to have saved ther draft but I ended up posting it.. my bad but here it it's. Thank you for your time brother's and sister poets.

    "Sliding water"

    Colorless seed of sad
    Entitle exclusively to feel mad.
    He's VIP access is never feeling glad
    Adjusted to always run sideways
    And Predicted the ending of he's pursuing.
    All the Moments were taken away
    And much pain stayed to hurt everyday
    Storming tears breaking doors just to bring
    shivering chills to a life not so real.
    It Guaranteed this gut to not see another meal.
    And brought promises to never stop the heal
    Now more than then my smiles are miles away
    My mind continues to help my heart with the anguish everyday. But The rest of me prays for comfort anyway on any day.

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    Sliding water