• raddyredheadedgirl 9w

    Our love fail, I don't want you to feel bad for us. I want you to be just like any other broken hearted man. Who's gonna drown himself with alcohol just to get drunk and pass out. Who's gonna date plenty of women just to prove himself that he is over it that quick.

    When the time comes that you've moved on and completely healed, if ever we crossed our paths again, I am expecting to meet a better version of you. Not because I want you for myself, but because I still want what's best for you.

    And if you decided to open up your heart again, please be wise enough to know the importance of love and life; that life without love is just existing while a life that's full of love is worth living.

    Babe, if I could go back to the day we met, I'm sorry, but I would turn around and walk the other way. I don't want to waste your time keeping up with me. When in the first place, I know that we are not meant to be.

    And if you still doubt about forgetting and unloving me; always know that if you had chosen to fall in love with the wrong person and still stayed, how much more if you find the right one?