• waniadil 10w

    Leave me alone I don't want to remain in the ambiance of temporary people

    I can't understand my situation where i was in first those days faded when someone used to tell you are everything, you are beat of heart. Literally speaking that i can't bear this intolerable pain um always supposed to do something great for you, but its most unfortunate for both the ones that you don't want anything. My conversations are always seeming boring to you, but honestly telling you can't realize a person in a short period of time it takes much time to know someone very well. Just i tell that i don't care if you gonna ignore ruthlessly because I knew you are not intrested in me. Um always seems weird to you but um not a eccentric i prostate you that is why i give much importance to you. My dear, there is no objection in this thing that i had been meeting the temporary people from time to time, my life swear i don't want to revolve myself around them, because i don’t need the people with temporal affection what i need that's eternal love. Just i say you that if u can't please leave me alone then. I don't want to remain in the atmosphere of temporary people who are always meant for crying who don't know the value of every feeling of heart, who are playing this love as a playing toy. Best ever you listen from me that if you want to come in my life come permanently otherwise don't come because um highly confused to tackle the temporary people.