• bidpen 6w


    Stages as a foetus long for the open world, pop!
    Pop out slowly fragilely a crying baby
    Baby crying an acceptable possibility of life
    Life itself so strange; mysteriously beautiful
    Beautiful! Really it's blissful, blessedness, Felicity, all and joy
    Joy filled is a child's world, no regret, no ponder on anything
    Anything in everything comes at ease, thought peaceful
    Peaceful prayers; family love so undoubtingly strong
    Strong body conforms gradually as days count
    Count takes charge from fine to gross motor and all
    All begin as learning takes place like a phase; it's a stage
    Stages from infant, stepping up to toddler journey,bonded to friends
    Friends creats adventurous memory from childhood
    Childhood teaches to feel, love, care, wrong, right, hurt and more
    More like understanding the world, enough discovery though less worry
    Worries comes in a great deal as ages count; maturity evolves
    Evolves from being a child to a teenager, youth and adult
    Adult knowledge about life stays beautiful but mysterious
    Mysteriously and eagerly searching for a comfort zone in all
    All that matters; school success and serving your country
    Country demands; career, life itself, relationship, fear of the unknown
    Unknown betrayal, pain, heart break, indecision, marriage, fear of aftermath
    Aftermath, the future gets twisted somehow or not, every every intertwined
    Intertwined life indeed; resurfaces, procreating the stages over and over
    Over till death and revolving all over