• _the_horsemen 5w

    Thought of Regret and disappointment

    Whenever you feel disappointed or cheated by someone,
    It wasn't your fault.
    Don't cry over that thing.
    Neither behave too arrogant like "you mess with a wrong person kind".
    Just say "Thanks for the beautiful lesson with a smile".
    And walk over that chapter.
    There are hundreds of lessons to be taught by the life itself.
    These people are teachers of the subject they taught you a lesson about.
    I am saying these lines because we human have a very bad habit of sticking with bad that happened with us.
    I am gonna leave you with this question,
    How many times you gonna loose yourself in regret for the deeds done by someone others.
    I can feel the mental trauma those memories of tonnes
    give most disappointed feelings ever inside us.
    I believe it's better to move on rather dieing thousands of time a day in regret.
    As the corner of regret is like a blackhole for the mind.
    If stayed near the long time, all your good get absorbed by it
    And makes it impossible for us to shut the cycle of regret and pain.