• free_smoke 22w


    "Today you have to look your best",
    they said giving me a kit
    As if........
    I stared into the mirror looking for the beauty
    Found none
    Or my eyes not accustomed to looking for it
    I stood under the cascading water
    Letting the hard work of someone flow freely
    I again look into the mirror
    This time not for beauty
    Rather for reassurance
    For Truth
    And what a sight!
    I found it
    The black under my eyes
    The waves etched on my brow forever
    The sunken pools contouring them all
    All these witness to
    My being afloat
    When the masses shouted
    My not listening to them;
    Letting the blue crash into me
    Giving me some memories to keep
    Never letting it to keep me