• dude_itshope 9w


    -For the world we live in is forsaken.
    Our innocence it has taken.
    Killing has become our magnificent obsession.
    There's no love left in the world we live in.

    Our people thirst for tears and blood.
    And yearn to drown in their manmade floods.
    Chaos and suffering conquer the earth yet it goes unspoken...untold.
    Father what should we do?
    It seems like we've already been defeated.

    We're losing our children and teens to suicide.
    In every corner of the world our people are being killed and are dying.
    Where is our compassion,our love for human kind?
    We see our people's pain yet we're so ignorant...so blind.

    Broken hearts and empty minds.
    They said they'd better our world all they needed is time.
    Time has gone and nothing has changed.
    Besides all the technology and numbed out brains.

    We pray to god's we think can help ease the pain.
    We forget about God our Father, we use His name in vain.
    Father forgive us for our sins has become long overdue.
    Heal our land and make us brand new.
    For we are tired of seeing mother's cry.
    We do not want to see our brother's and sister's die.
    My Lord, do you hear my despreate cry?

    For the world we live in is truly forsaken.
    I cannot cope with all the innocent lives it has taken.
    I pray the Lord, they're soul's awaken.
    And peace descend on this world we live in.