• pulanechoane 23w

    You were quiet when you left

    You were quiet when you left
    But I felt your silence, I was bereft
    And even after you were gone, I couldn't accept
    I looked for you on  cold road tars
    On the soft parts of my scars
    At my father's front gate and on vehicle number plates
    In the passages of time
    But also in Hiphop's lines and rhymes
    On Facebook and in my viewed WhatsApp statuses
    You were once mine
    But not this time
    You vowed yourself to someone else
    My body knew yours, it's pains and the feel of your pelt
    But still she now carried your name
    While I carried my love in shame
    Inboxes and encrypted texts
    Hotel rooms and forbidden sex
    I guess I lost myself in the sin of your kiss
    Got a lil too familiar with kissing you on the lips
    And I know we were wrong but what we have was strong
    It was a love in reverse, a love cursed and perverse
    But it was a love all the same
    A love that one unforeseen day brought me to my knees
    Begging God to hear me please
    And make you say something to me
    Those days your silence tore me apart
    But today all the words you never said
    Are atleast helping me to find healing in my heart