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    well finding solace isnt not that tough #high #life @writersnetwork #readwriteunite #subtility

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    Subtility in chains

    I pulled the chains up of my sliding jeans,
    oh what the hell man! bong's so good damn.
    i rose up from my seat that is so woody and thin,
    the journey is never complete although you have been clean.
    Its about a heist though, stealing drugs from the brain.
    A boy in early twenties, loaded gun under pants.

    Its about popping hopping skidding through the railway,
    Its just a feel i dont get when i'm too home away.
    Its about the puffing coughing tripping labour feeling pain,
    Its about feeling good when you break her approving hymen.

    Dont be shit when i am looking at you in depth,
    dont be mean when i am seeing so much of your shallowness.
    Buy some books, just be alone and read it in your den.
    Take your time so that you stop bitching talking your lives away.