• dpadilla 6w

    Dead Girl

    Wasting away was the girl in the grave,
    With embers still lit under piles of ash.
    Caressing her face, I kissed her decay
    And the bruises and wounds she'd endured in the crash.
    The girl had been murdered but the tomb was by choice,
    In darkness she hid and she buried her voice,
    She'd vowed to stay dead to the world that she knew
    Her scent was of death and her lips they were blue,
    But her soul had refused to retire to the sky
    And the embers they flickered and refused to die.
    I held up a mirror, her breath fogged the glass,
    I reached in and pulled her up into my arms.
    My eagerness wouldn't allow time to pass
    So I doused her in kerosene, lit up my charm
    Sang her a song and I watched the flames glow.
    With every lyric I watched the flames grow.
    Engulfed in a fire, spectral and great
    That was kept lit by romance, and talks about fate
    As the fantasy burned on, so did her heart
    And the end came so sudden, and abrupt as the start
    For you can't build a castle from bones in a tomb
    As you can't raise a child that has not seen a womb.
    And without time a want is but merely a wish
    It is simply a band aid in place of a stitch.
    If hearts can feel full, then they too can feel weary
    For love is a burden, painful and tearing.
    She was crushed by the weight and devoured by the fire
    In the end she lacked strength that a true love requires.
    Because love is a feeling, but also a task,
    And for girls in a grave it's just too much to ask.
    Now I fear that this time my love simply won't save,
    For my love is what put my love back in the grave.