• robwjeter 21w


    I dream of the things that I can't see with
    these awakened eyes.
    Of lives that I would rather live
    than this!
    To arise to find that it's gone, I cried!
    That mirage of an intoxicating kiss.

    To luscious lands and barren seas.
    All to explore, for me to take.
    Floating high above with the breeze.
    Where nothing is at stake.

    I dream of a love that I now don't hold.
    Not yet, do they lay in my arms.
    To give all of my passion, I'd be so bold.
    Never a thought of doing them harm.

    To be a different person that's more exciting.
    The multiple tasks that I could do!
    Oh, all of this sounds so inviting!
    Starting over to a life that's new.