• bobbycneis 23w

    Streetlights and im frozen like the fireworks before me, in your eyes
    Im watching things explode like the knot in the rope i have inside

    Im different in essence like broken blessings found aside a miracle
    I pulled over to the side of the road to count the crosses, and to wipe a tear as it crinkled

    God, you make me feel like fireworks amongst the stars like my gramma in a song bird
    I gave it a listen just to chase the things i was missing, like why is life itself not a cure?

    Maybe it is, and perhaps im not, in the temperate remembrances of what i recall
    Im no more, the people stand and glance at me like im so much more under it all

    She's beauty, she shines through me and the light i am is neither dim nor waning
    Wax under a wick and im quick to meet a gaze that claims its no longer remaining

    I feel like bulletproof glass without the shield so might you wield me your heart
    Im distant and reserved, yet i give over my soul just to keep the lost parts

    I love you, in the sadness of that verse, spin it in reverse until you can rehearse it properly
    The dark surrounds me but never consumes the shape my heart makes under the light of a grand finale.