• enigmaticnim 31w

    Matters of mind

    It is really hard to define your feelings towards someone. How can you define something that you yourself are not sure of. Most of the times we get confused by believing it to be a matter of heart. But it is not. It is not a matter of heart. It is a matter of mind. Our mind plays all the tricks and we start believing what we want to believe. Leaving the other person baffled. Which is the major cause of heartbreaks among teenagers. Since, I have been there and experienced both sides of it. I know it is just an illusion of our brain. Why do I say that? How can I be so insensitive? Well, the answer lies in our mind.

    Homo sapiens are social animals. We are born among a bunch of people called family. We get used to the fact that these are the people who love us no matter how bad we are (well most of us are fortunate enough to feel this way about our families). When we get young we become aware of the relations outside our family like friends, classmates, colleagues etc. With each interaction comes a strong desire of knowing the opposite sex. Well some of them do know the opposite sex as their siblings. Such people grow more aware of the thought process of their fellow mates. However, it requires a great deal of patience on part of these siblings to get to know each other, as most of the times they keep fighting over their differences. But some people do not get a chance to know the other sex since their childhood. They remain curious. Some become overfriendly and some quite shy (I might be wrong as I do not have any facts to support this argument). Then you keep meeting different people. Some click you and some don't. And then you meet the ultimate opposite sex. A person who is not only from the other sex he/she is actually complete opposite of you. At first you two do not get along as you are poles apart. He/she thinks north you think South. And your mind gets annoyed by it. But, one fine day he/she cracks a joke and you giggle. Your eyes meet and your mind gets a signal. Now, your mind thinks he/she doesn't seem so different. And the more you interact the more your mind starts noticing the little things that are similar. The mind doesn't believe the fact that you can be so different from each other. Then there comes a desire of knowing each other more. You can't resist that as your mind wants it. Then you start spending more time with him/her. You start going out. Meanwhile your mind is happy in finding all the things that you enjoy doing together. This happy state of mind is really dangerous. Your mind makes you believe that you two are good friends and that might not be the case. There is no dialogue. There is no real conversation. You don't actually know that person and you are least interested in doing that as you are busy collecting those happy memories. And then there comes a time when you FEEL something. A weird thing. Beware, it is again your mind's doing. It is a well known fact that these feelings are all Chemical in nature. So, you end up having an intimate encounter (some people don't get to that and imagine that in their heads). Now, you have given all the power to your brain to twist the facts, to mould them in the way it desires. To interpret different meanings from a simple sentence. To take the relation to the next level in your mind. It is all an illusion created by your mind. I know you have been there too as you are nodding your head while reading this. All I can say is that next time you come across an opposite of you. Don't jump into conclusions, don't judge give it some time. Ultimately they are not that much different then you. We all are the same. We think the same way. Don't empower your mind to think about weird stuff that easily. Because if you do that, you might hurt yourself as in this game of mind your heart gets involved in no time, without knowing that all this is one sided.