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    So I felt sharing this, I posted this quite few months ago when this account of mine was not working due to some app issues and it was another account where I posted this. Have a read and go through the wrecks of Titanic, it wants to express it's pain.

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    O captain! If every clock hold the same hours,
    Why do hour glass hollows the sand being so sour?
    Isn't it strange, a nightmare seen being alive ?
    But all who witnessed my wreck saw with wide opened eyes.
    Hot summer and chilling Atlantic,
    When I sailed I wasn't antique.
    On port, there were thousands for the see off!
    "Behold it's invincible!" gossips were spread around,
    And there I was set with whistle's blow,
    "O captain! lower the pace, it can be a peril",
    "Look at alarming calls of voyaging ships".
    And it was over heard until it came to be real.
    "Ahoy! Iceberg ahead", It caught my grip,
    Gushing waters choked me,
    I begged, "Mercy me and my children sea",
    I couldn't hold the waters flooding my deck,
    And salvage the one's trying to breathe,
    I heard, "take me on a boat for God's sake",
    And now Carpathia was too far to reach.
    I felt the horrific steps on my wooden floors,
    And trembling hands grabbing my stern,
    I never read a book of fate before,
    Oh my people were never to return.
    Soon I was sunken down,
    To rust my unsinkable steel,
    How a voyage made thousand of dreams frown!
    And those alive had goosebumps to feel,
    I cannot be pardoned, never be forgotten.
    Still you see me in colors, not like wreck in the bottoms,
    Denying a catastrophe, you imagine a safe harbor,
    Maybe I am a dream which is still ardor.

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