• leah_mammen 6w

    I knew he was way out of my league
    I mean
    Which gorgeous person would be single
    Don't give me that " not all gorgeous people are taken "
    Coz boo , I'm not mistaken
    I wrote a poem bout him
    Makes me smile evrytime time I read it
    Maybe i fell in love with the poem Falling in love with the poem
    And it's words is so beautiful
    The flow of emotions
    Is simply unstoppable
    I'm glad he read it
    And was overwhelmed by it
    It brought a smile to his face
    Oh wow so that's down by one phase
    I'm in love with our circumstances
    Reality never struck
    I'm praying it doesn't hit me like a truck
    I'm hoping to meet you someday
    To talk bout the poem
    I promise my heart won't break
    My feelings are quite strong for the words
    A smile that lasts forever and a day
    From me? Don't take that away
    Promise me one thing
    That... you won't let me down easy