• harshalb 10w

    It takes a village,
    To carry on with depression,
    It sleeps with you,
    You wake up with it,
    Before anyone,
    Everything goes to depression,
    It gives you the permission to be happy,
    It takes away your power to feel anything,
    Some people cut,
    Because they want to see,
    How the blood,
    Their own blood,
    Leaves them alone,
    They are too busy,
    They want to make sure their blood still flows,
    Unlike those who are family,
    Whole day it drains your energy,
    And you village keeps you going,
    You see the time and its 7 PM,
    All you did was cry,
    When others,
    Exercised, worked, took 100 calls, ate well,
    Did you even have a sip of water,
    Your village reminds you to eat,
    And you eat,
    To feel that power,
    When you crush the food and turn it into nothing,
    Like depression eats you,
    You lament the day you wasted,
    You think you are wasted,
    You think about doing it again,
    And now you have experience,
    So maybe this time it will work,
    Maybe it will take you away, far away,
    Maybe I wonder I will meet my Happy,
    Your village holds you firm,
    Your books look at you like you have sinned,
    You eyes barely open,
    And every breath kills,
    While depression breathes,
    Some call it drama,
    Some say you have free time,
    Well I don't,
    I don't have time,
    My village tells me ti ignore all,
    They become my rock,
    It makes me dizzy, nauseous and I feel like I will faint,
    My village,
    I know will catch me,
    Wipe my tears, hold me,
    I owe 1.5 years of no self harm to them,
    They don't get angry,
    They understand,
    And so they wipe the blood,
    Maybe they cry too,
    Maybe they are tired too,
    But they help,
    They don't leave me alone in the darkness my mind throws me in,
    They pull me out instead,
    And I endlessly tell them,
    That I want to end this all,
    My village reminds me of my dreams,
    My village keeps me alive,
    My village makes me,
    After I forget everything about self...
    Depression runs for life,
    Comes back and breathes in me,
    My village comes back and we fight ❤️

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